COURSE Information

The Private Equity & Venture Capital Lab includes an academic course and an intensive winter- and/or spring-term internship at a private equity or venture capital firm. The course component meets once a week in the evening for three hours during the spring term.There are two sections of the class, and while there will be many common topics taught in both sections, one section will emphasize private equity and the other venture capital.

The course is co-taught by professors Jason Heltzer, Ira Weiss, and Chris McGowan. The content is designed to equip students with timely practical tools and impart experience from industry veterans with the ultimate goal of accelerating the apprenticeship process of those aspiring to work in the private equity industry.

Coursework includes case discussions, simulated board meetings, simulated investment committee meetings, guest speakers, workshops, and lectures. Students hear from both the professors and guest speakers on cutting-edge topics related to private equity and venture capital investing. Students also share information about their internship experiences with their classmates and work together to solve problems that arise during their internships. Various networking opportunities allow students to meet venture capitalists and private equity professionals from other participating firms.

Grades are based on host firm evaluations, classroom participation, case write-ups and a final project. The course cannot be taken pass/fail, and it is not possible to audit the course.

Students do not need to bid any points to gain entry into the Lab; instead, there is a separate application process that does not involve bidding. Students who are admitted to the Lab will, however, receive points for their participation, which may be used to bid on other Chicago Booth courses.

Questions about the course should be directed to the 2017 teaching assistants: Alix Weiss (PE), Donnacha O'Sullivan (PE), Rich Roggeveen (PE), Tim Bechtold (PE), Lisa Travnik (VC), Lex Zhao (VC), Charlie Liu (VC), and Dan Heck (VC).